Tradition Eight

 “Sponsorship and Twelfth Step work are free, but the special worker should be paid for his or her good work. All aspects of recovery in general are free.” BRB p. 530

We give service from a space of love in ACA so that every adult child seeking recovery may find a safe place. Many of us are truly generous with our time and expertise. And we do not expect or accept any compensation for giving a ray of hope to our fellow ACAs. We know what it is like to feel hopeless, looking for a way out. With joy in our hearts and hope in our words, we extend ourselves while seeking nothing in return.

But some requests are too big to ask members to handle for free day-in and day-out. For those jobs, we hire special workers. They staff our service center and are responsible for sending literature, maintaining our meeting list, answering calls, and otherwise providing information about ACA to anyone who wants it. They help us spread the message.

Without them, most people would have difficulty even finding a meeting. If we didn’t have a Newcomer’s booklet and other printed information, each meeting would have to create their own materials. These are essential ways the ACA message reaches those who want it. It all fits together nicely – a combination of volunteers and special workers.

On this day I will share freely with the suffering adult child who is seeking to recover. I will also feel gratitude that ACA has special workers who serve the larger fellowship.

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