Therapeutic Ideals

“There are, as well, ways to describe the manifestation of two therapeutic ideals: no excess tension in the body and a neutral reaction to symbolic associations and mental representations of trauma.” BRB p. 622

Many of us thought there was no way out, that the process would go on and on like some weird torture game. We had no goals because we thought we didn’t deserve them. Helping others achieve their goals felt good, but it was not something that we could do on our own. We didn’t want that responsibility. It was safer to just stay small, not have any dreams or needs.

We learn in ACA that living in our bodies is a vital part of recovery. We seek ways to relieve excess body tension, perhaps by using trigger point massage in combination with yoga. We discover that we are carrying a lot of trauma in our very muscles that needs a way to work itself out. We collect the experiences of others, both in and out of the program, and we learn through reading the right material.

We worked the Steps so that we would no longer be mentally triggered by the same things repeatedly. We now seek that same relief for our bodies.

On this day I will be conscious of my physical tension and where I carry it in my body. Acknowledging this connection to my trauma is a way of beginning my journey towards complete recovery.

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