Inner Drugs

“Because we were raised in chaotic or controlling homes, our internal compass is oriented toward excitement, pain, and shame. This inner world can be described as an ‘inside drug store.’ The shelves are stocked with bottles of excitement, toxic shame, self-hate, self-doubt, and stress.” BRB p. 16

Do the following situations sound familiar? We walk into a room full of strangers and instinctively find the most toxic people in the room to befriend. We leave home with “just enough” time so our adrenaline is pumping when we arrive at our destination. We over-commit ourselves so that we can’t possibly do everything we promised, and then shame ourselves because we’ve failed yet again.

Many of us just naturally choose situations that create drama, people who are spinning out of control, and a life that balances on the edge of insanity. It almost feels like we’re hard-wired to operate that way.

As we begin to understand the damaging effects of these inner drugs we keep taking, we learn to replace the toxic people and drama with mutually respectful relationships and healthy excitement for our recovery. We no longer need to recreate the familiar conditions of our childhood that keep us trapped in the chaos. We gradually begin to appreciate the peace and quiet of serenity. It takes time, but we now realize we deserve better than the hand we were dealt as children.

On this day I choose healthy people to spend time with – people who also value serenity. I welcome the calm that is becoming my new normal.

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